These days, it’s tough to find anyone who hasn’t at least made one purchase of a product or service online.  Maybe it was from Amazon or eBay, iTunes or Hulu.  It doesn’t matter what was purchased - all these transactions share common characteristics.  They all deploy company implemented security measures to keep your financial information protected.  How do we know this?  They tell us.  

Through various printed and oral statements, and/or the display of “certification” logos, these websites assure their customers that they are doing everything possible to protect financial transactions.  I might choose to shop at over another online store because I have a long standing trust that my financial information is secured.  In very much the same way, I trust the bank I use AND I trust my major health care providers.   But wait, I haven’t seen any communication or displayed logo from my foot doctor or my dentist that indicate my data is being protected.  Most patients assume ALL their healthcare providers are taking data security as seriously as the health services they provide.  Let’s hope they are. 

As a healthcare provider, you know that competitive organizations are now pro-active in their marketing campaigns.  As a healthcare provider, if you have taken the HIPAA requirements seriously and made every effort to protect your patient data – let the public know.  Not only does this assure your existing patients that you are being pro-active with protecting their private data, but it also gives potential patients another reason to choose your practice over another.  If all other practice elements are equal, price, insurance acceptance, reputation, etc…I’m going with a provider that takes data security seriously.  The public is becoming ever more aware of the seriousness involved in data theft.  With public knowledge of major data breaches becoming more common, it’s important to let your patients know that you are making every effort to protect their information.   

Put a statement on your website and display a countertop sign in your office.  Let them know you abide by the HIPAA rules and constantly re-evaluate security measures to make sure that their client information is secure.  Let them know that you don’t care any less about their data than their health and wellbeing.


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