In today’s world you’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t like or benefit from the instant availability of information.  From GPS, to texting to email on your phone – almost any information you need is available easily and quickly.  Of course, it is also obvious how the instant availability of medical information can be beneficial as well.  From long distance consultations, to receiving informed medical treatment from any location around the world, it is hard to ignore the benefits. 

With information that becomes more accessible or convenient, there is generally a down side.  All of that information about your health is private, and being available anywhere puts your privacy at risk to thieves or hackers.   

Most patients don’t think twice about how their health information is protected; they just want treatment for whatever ails them.  However, this lack of consumer attention to this issue is changing as more news about data theft become widespread.  Big reported breaches like the one from Target last year are starting to raise flags with many patients.

Your patients expect to receive the most comprehensive care possible from you, and they expect no less when it comes to handling their private information.  When you shop at on online store; you expect that the company has taken reasonable steps to secure your credit card and contact information.  Similarly, your patients expect that from you.  Get informed on how to protect your patient’s data and take appropriate steps to implement controls of your patient’s data.

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